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05 July 2011 @ 09:26 pm
 Riding out away from you, 
because were through. 
So sick of everything 
especially your rules. 
We are going to have fun as we run 
we are going to have fun as we party into oblivion, 
Seeing a world without end. 
Seeing there are no friends living each day as I can comprehend. 
Put your head between your legs 
You know the rest 
Down we lay to rest. 
I've done what I can I can't say it's the best. 
I can't stop the ride even though I"m afraid I'll die
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26 August 2010 @ 09:19 pm
 Well, Well LiveJournal we meet again. This time I'm switching to the cloaking device well I guess it's too late you have my name now I might as well rot your brain with my deadly rock and roll waves, A lot has changed over the years lost some friends gained new ones lost them. I grow pretty tired of the petty rivalry of people and of nations; ideas dangerous ideas in wicked containers we call hearts . I am not immune ; I am a scumbag like everyone else on this godforsaken heep you call a planet. The situation has changed livejournal what do you have for me this time I guess I'm not as naive as before.  No one is anymore that's are problem we want to have some fun but were to smart to have it or too afraid. Thats what you like the nice sensation of fear to let you know your alive that rush of adrenaline the pounding heart. I guess that's why I don't have relationships I like the fear of being awkward heart pounding in fear of resembling a human being. If you got some beer and you know where I am come find me and bring a banjo.
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Man I love music It has been my true friend and personal savior all my life maybe there's something more to it I know.The vodou religion see's music as a healing device special to the shamans special to healing that it has special powers.I kind of understand how my music has been improved by the area for the plantation owners must have been hated by the slaves and the area the stayed at must have been curse but music was special to them.It makes rational sence that one would make good music there to heal the masses.That what music is the sharing of your rational emotional ability to one person to the next and if ones intentions are good they will make good music.That is why i must find a place where my music must be spread to the masses where my kind are accepted widely and through out,thus logicly i would move to a more populated area where new ideas of sexuality,spirtually,and sillyness im taking a break from it for a few days but ill be up to its madness and magic sooner or later.But oh music really is part of all spirtual process through out all cultures and traditions.yes it has guided me truelly to be who i am be that man woman or anything in between I care not so because it is the one true spirit i have but is there more to it hmmmmm.......could be but the most important attitude to have towards music and life is to be acceptive to all types be it rock,rap or techno, I've always figured the best is a mixture of all types like a rainbow,or more like a tie dyde pattern ive always perferd rock n roll it gave me the fuck you ill do what i want fealing that everyone needs so if any of you dawgs got a problem with us musical cats
then why dont you pop in that copie of ziggy stardust and eat some acid buddie.cause i think you need a bit more coler in your life i mean do you want to be all gothic and gloomey no you want to be bright and cheerfull and self realised so follow me and mix your people and music and you will find the most buetifal arangment ever like a bursting nebula filled with colers and suprise posibilities.
your rock and roll sophisticated psuedo philosophical transvestite
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04 March 2004 @ 09:19 am
I would like to call forth all my friends,lovers,and enemies,to tell them of the freshman release of my new album sunshine.It's a concept album about giving my love to all of you.I know it may seem a bit ambitous to release a thing like that but it's my cry to the world the only hope I have to spread my love to get others to spread there love,but I can promise one thing it will be the greatest work for me once it is completed.Im not pulling out anystops and im devoting all my time to it.This will be a signature jerry watson collection of prime songs i urge you all to join me in the sunshine as it is to everyone enemies include an extension of my love to the world and my faith that the sun will one day shine and grey skys will clear up.So far many song's have been written and many more or on the way i just have to figure out how i want to do them exactly and there on there way to you guys.here's the lyric's for one right here the title is scrabbled to not give away any info about the vast details im putting into the album but when its released you will have the actually title.

free lessong kissins
verse 1
Nothing is working
it's all the same
I need a lover to help take away the pain
nothing sooves
no one grows
nothing moves
nobody knows
I'll shine right through you
what you need is with me
I'll be there forever and thats true
I'll waste all time to make you at ease
I could be your sun to shine away the pain
I could be your night and drive you insane
Id be your parakeet and for you id sing
all i ask is don't leave me broken hearted again

oh oh oh it feals so sad
oh oh oh it's makin me mad
oh oh oh your the best girl i couldve had

maybe your to buetifal for this world to see
hiding like me I was just hoping that special boy
would be me
and are coal hearts would turn into diamonds
it seems so short of time when compared to a love filled eternity
maybe we can discover the wonders of nature
maybe we can find a love so pure

verse 2
you never show your love afraid it might break
but realize were both alone in a world so fake
dont play cat and mouse
dont toy with my love
i want to kiss you but what will happen when push comes to shuv

(bridge 2)
oh oh oh oh ill just sit and wish you werent so mean
oh oh oh oh when i cant get you out of my head
oh oh oh oh i cant lie your the best thing i've ever seen
oh oh oh oh why dont you only be with me
oh oh oh oh why dont you take my hand and run away and be free

verse 3
melt our hearts into a mold of perfection
seal it with a magician's kiss all i need is your interaction
now your face is burning in my mind
i pray to god you wont leave me behind
no oh oh oh!
dont you remember that night
we held each other so tight
and we didnt go to sleep till the sun was shining bright

thats it hope you enjoyed it theres more and better ones on the way i promise i just need some time to thing about all the different premises of the albums to better suit you,me and the world in any way.
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24 February 2004 @ 04:51 pm
well it's job time folks,I am now employed at the atruim hotel bar and grill.Oh,and thats not all i have a snazzy uniform oh yes.whats next for this strapping young lad you ask well maybe a car maybe collage, who knows?maybe even a book or a record or a book slash record oh yeah !! with guest apearences by leonard nimoy and alein jourganson on a cover of daydream believer.My deepest love goes out to all my friends who believe in me thanks guys.man im tired, i've been up since last night alcohol keeps me up for some reason .You know who i miss anselm kyser man what a great guy,truelly honest and smart i think i need to write him an email.did you ever look back at your child hood and have no regrets? has anyone ? I been thinking about becoming a hermit recently.OH Lance sorry i didnt meet up with you im really too tired to jam i feal all woosy uck bult serouisly thursday whenever you want to.till next time keep looking up!!!
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24 February 2004 @ 09:48 am
I just want to know something real quick okay guys.what does everyone think of billy belesom saying hes better than me,that his life is more worth living.I always thought it was wrong to lower a person dont you?
04 February 2004 @ 04:54 pm
i seem to remember her eyes
the warmth in her smiles
as angels and devils
that fight
something that could keep me warm on a cold stormy night
shes lost
i would give everything
but there is no cost
live is broke
the blues lingers although many think its a joke
shes somewhere
maybe shell care
cause you dont
i try to reach her
but i know i wont
lost in a sea of daydreams
screaming obscenitys
crying to god to end this misery\
giving up hope for a life of poverty
lost in the street
looking for your eyes and smile to greet
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27 January 2004 @ 05:35 pm
God,this town is killing me!I still have no job ;nobody will help gett to driving.I been thinking of taking it on the streets.not the streets of monroe but the streets of another land.If i do don't think of me as some crazy homeless guy.Ill try my luck in another town somewhere.Ill sell my car and use the money on a down payment on an apt and get a job in another town somehow.I dont mind roughing it if i have to it would be like an adventure not a hassle i want to go somewhere warm like my home state california i do miss it alot.i dont know,i really cant see eye to eye with anyone here except my friends there like a family to me,I love them alot,but i gott go see this world and experiance it for myself find.Im looking for self relization and im not finding it here you know?My friend bonnie and chris said they would take me driving i might stay i dont know.I might stay for a bit then go one things for sure im not leaving till i get my W2 i hope it wasnt sent to my old apartment i still havent filled out a change of adress card.Well if anyone can help me get a job or take me driving or just hang out and get my hopes up call me (318)398-2915 well i dont have time and i must go byebye
13 January 2004 @ 06:48 pm
Just a note to everybody . Dont worry about me commiting suicide ,Im completely satisfied with live and everyone should be.I went to visit two friends after not seeing
them in days and they both were like dude i thought you commited suicide.Its not a joke
suicide is reall more and more young people die of suicide each year ,and rest assured i will never be one of them ,nope im in love with a world filled with buetifal trees,wonderouse music,diverse animals,and kind and concerned people truely it is my age an age of wonder and stalemate and not despondacy
till next time keep an eye on the sky and keep star gazing
beloved master of chilli dogs,
jerry watson
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I have figured out livejournal is inane and makes nosence Im sitting here at cottonport trying to figure out what to do with my day i want to find a newspaper and check out jobs and i want to get high with my friends but i dont think i have any friends to get high with im really bored I gotta do something oh what to do what to do i Wanna go somewhere today somewhere way out there like ruston or baskin but im just dreaming of adventures in far away places like usuall
good bye
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