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14 December 2003 @ 05:33 pm
Well im alive and kicking I have no electricity but im still having as much fun as i usually do.Im sitting here at cottonport coffee downloading stuff but,while im here i want to tell all my friends you have a special place in my heart and thank all those who helped me moved Billy,Lance,2-tall paul,and chuck if chuck wouldntve given me a ride i wouldnt've been able to start packing thanks chuck your kind manor has touched my very soul hope you feel better soon.Lance Maquirk with his car and hard working attitude has helped me tremendously where would i be without my main man my toucan sam lance his overape ways shall conquer the galaxy;and where would i be without the support of my pall and confidont Billy Belsom NOWHERE!! Billy Belsom helped me move physically and emotionally by building up my confidance and will to better my life truelly i am blessed to meet such an excellant person.oh yeah, and two tall thanks dude if you read this.
your pall
Dalek love machine
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06 December 2003 @ 06:48 am
It’s a rare condition, this day and age,
To read any good news on the newspaper page.
Love and tradition of the grand design,
Some people say it’s even harder to find.
Well then there must be some magic clue
Inside these tearful walls

Cause all I see is a tower of dreams
Real love burstin’ out of every seam.
As days go by, we’re gonna fill our house with happiness.
The moon may cry,
We’re gonna smother the blues with tenderness.

When days go by, there’s room for you, room for me,
For gentle hearts an opportunity.
As days go by,
It’s the bigger love of the family.
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05 December 2003 @ 02:08 am
well i might move into that old house dont know yet though.Most of the electricity has short circuited and its leaky,its deffintely a fixer uper.Its not that that I mind most it's my aunt and uncle there odd in a bad way a very bad way like as in totall psycho i dont know what to expect of them if the slightest thing goes wrong thell kill me i dont want to make it any worse or better between me and them but i do need a place to stay.They offerd to let me stay with em in arkansas but i really hate it up there,but then again i might hate it anywhere but being inthrawled with them is not excactly my idea of fun id much rather live on the streat.I can not and will not forgive there foolishness the taunting the boasting and the beatings no !!I hate it but billy and lance are all oh lets take it back and make something cool out of it.Oh if it were that simple boys oh i just dont know,by doing this i could be burning a bridge at both ropes having both sides of the family pissed at me my dads and me mums oh god it hurts sometimes but then i realise im happy either way i can live anywhere anytime i think .Today i watched a really bad movie called uptown girl with a horrible song called sheets of egyptian cotton the movie was horrible it went nowhere and had no resolution.Ive seen worse i just can't remember when.talked to Brandon no luck on the search.missed seas of mayo blow me to the path of time traveling beyond a void to reclaim destiny to call you mine.traveling via hypercube to find you.
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04 December 2003 @ 07:03 am
well it's time for the sandman to collect his due.I spend the whole night packing and sucking down cigarettes and hytop soda,cleaning up and downloading music.NOW,now is the time where i sleep wrong my sleep cycle is fucked up.I wish it wasnt but oh well
Well i packed;I have no earthly idea why besides i put in my notice to move somewhere near the end of november and the lady from the other apartments still hasn't called me back.I also called my aunt for info about back child support and she could stay at my old old home even though it has no electricity or water,but if nothing else i guess i could rough it till things get better.That is if i cant get this apartment,lance said he would take me there today but i cant fall asleep.So i lie here thinking,thinking of her trying to think of her but my brain is fried broken heart broken mind i must exist simultaniously in the fourth dimension out of time!
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Dalek. The ultimate BEM or bug eyed monster. It is
your destiny to truddle around endlessly
recurring silver corridors for the rest of
eternity in hope of one day having conquered
all life in the universe. Exterminate!
Exterminate! Exterminate!

Which Doctor Who monster are you?
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01 December 2003 @ 04:33 am
"Are you jerry watson?"why yes i am,i replied."did you ever stop and consider mr.watson that if you switch to mci's wireless death well sent you on a paid vacation to the afterlife"said the voice on the other line and i hung up instantly and fell asleep on some moldy najos.
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30 November 2003 @ 05:52 am
It is now the 30th and i still have no apartment and no job.Ive problie destroyed all my brain cells are just gone crazy.I am worried sick i need a job and i need a new cheaper apartment if any one can help please contact me.Also i still havent takin my drivers test and problie never will.I might not be writing in this old journal anymore i might be homeless its my own fault if i am.I wouldnt mind it but how will i make it through the winter oh bother.If you dont know already ive gone insane and i am on the search of an old high school sweetheart.MY mission to find her will problie fail ;resulting in me being more neurotic.BUT, on the lighter side recorded "ordinary joe" with josh.It was very bad ass josh really can make some good shit in his studio he helped out so much.It was fantastic im going back with lance tommorow to add leads and maybe record something else. I played guitar all day for the most part.My apartment is cold,this pisses me off another reason why i must leave these apartments is the damn air condioning never fucking works.Man im woried aboutliving im sure ill manage but sheesh i want to go to school and leave if not a normal life a suitable life not a freezing rat on the sidewalk or in a car somewhere you wont see.
good bye for now
dalek love machine
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27 November 2003 @ 01:20 pm
greetings I am Eldred Watson or so i think,whell i hate holidays.I hate them it is a plot for consumers to buy useless junk and for us to pridefully shame native american culture yes piss on thanksgiving.well maybe its not so bad,having a feast of turkey ham stuffing yum!but mind you in ancient days feast were comon.So why not do as the romans in these modern times anyone can serouisly have a feast nowa days at any giving time but i mean yea,but it is harvest time and a reason to give thanks so yeah im thankfull of the internet and satan good
26 November 2003 @ 03:22 am
Im not realy depressed im a time lord but even time lords have darkend hours but i remember my darkest day i grew up near a hill and on the other side of the hill was and old man,all old and crinkly and on my darkest day i ran down the hill and feel down it and bumped into the old man,and as the i stood there telling this old man my woas he pointed to a daisy.I will never forget it i saw the daisy like never before and the white on the snow was brighter and oh the sunset was buetifal.
Stay Mexican on honica,hoo-has
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25 November 2003 @ 08:57 pm
Why cant I FEAL love or be smart like you?
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