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26 July 2004 @ 09:14 pm
Oh the musical cats will they ever grow up and join the revolution!!  
Man I love music It has been my true friend and personal savior all my life maybe there's something more to it I know.The vodou religion see's music as a healing device special to the shamans special to healing that it has special powers.I kind of understand how my music has been improved by the area for the plantation owners must have been hated by the slaves and the area the stayed at must have been curse but music was special to them.It makes rational sence that one would make good music there to heal the masses.That what music is the sharing of your rational emotional ability to one person to the next and if ones intentions are good they will make good music.That is why i must find a place where my music must be spread to the masses where my kind are accepted widely and through out,thus logicly i would move to a more populated area where new ideas of sexuality,spirtually,and sillyness im taking a break from it for a few days but ill be up to its madness and magic sooner or later.But oh music really is part of all spirtual process through out all cultures and traditions.yes it has guided me truelly to be who i am be that man woman or anything in between I care not so because it is the one true spirit i have but is there more to it hmmmmm.......could be but the most important attitude to have towards music and life is to be acceptive to all types be it rock,rap or techno, I've always figured the best is a mixture of all types like a rainbow,or more like a tie dyde pattern ive always perferd rock n roll it gave me the fuck you ill do what i want fealing that everyone needs so if any of you dawgs got a problem with us musical cats
then why dont you pop in that copie of ziggy stardust and eat some acid buddie.cause i think you need a bit more coler in your life i mean do you want to be all gothic and gloomey no you want to be bright and cheerfull and self realised so follow me and mix your people and music and you will find the most buetifal arangment ever like a bursting nebula filled with colers and suprise posibilities.
your rock and roll sophisticated psuedo philosophical transvestite
Current Mood: relievedrelieved
Current Music: robbie mitchill the evening wolf!