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13 January 2004 @ 06:48 pm
the decline of roman civilization  
Just a note to everybody . Dont worry about me commiting suicide ,Im completely satisfied with live and everyone should be.I went to visit two friends after not seeing
them in days and they both were like dude i thought you commited suicide.Its not a joke
suicide is reall more and more young people die of suicide each year ,and rest assured i will never be one of them ,nope im in love with a world filled with buetifal trees,wonderouse music,diverse animals,and kind and concerned people truely it is my age an age of wonder and stalemate and not despondacy
till next time keep an eye on the sky and keep star gazing
beloved master of chilli dogs,
jerry watson
Current Mood: i dont know?
Current Music: some crappy emo shit(im getting chili dogs see ya)