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non sequiter

Dalek love machine

21 July
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I remember once when i was a young lass,I had these bunnies and I loved them to death.They bred and oh did they breed!Producing babby bunnies daily but one day me and my only love me verry own mum came home to find them stabbed to death with a hanger.Tell me why some one would get there kick killing an only childs sweet and innocent bunny love tell me and i gues then only then we can begin to understand the filth machines producing your traitoress hearts that dream of ellation in hughs upon the velvet sky,dont give me your rot i've heard it echoed in the waves of eternity and i know your story it is theigh and childish when compared to an eternity of desire to live,love and be buetifall.
who the fuck am i kidding iam buetifall all the way body and soul cross my heart hope never to die stick a neddle through graham pezolds eye hope billy lives his live a lie one thing about my buetie its like a steam roller that runs over all things encompossing the graspness of eternity
adios mother fuckers